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9/29/2011 | Benny Benassi ft. Gary Go- Close to Me (R3hab Remix)

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New House

Today we’ve got another reworking courtesy of Holland’s own, R3hab.  Seriously, what else can I say about this dude that hasn’t already been said ten times over on this site and every other?  Well, I guess positive reinforcement is always a good thing.  This guy is a bonified beast.  He’s the look under your bed before you go to sleep, make sure the closet door is shut before you’re tucked in, sleep with a night light kind of monster.  He brings about a thousands pounds of heavy dirty dutch bass with him everywhere he goes, and this track is no different.  Italian genius Benny Benassi lays a pretty nice base for R3hab to work with here but R3hab’s totally in his element as usual.  The vocals are on point and the intro and bridge sections are awesome.  They really build the anticipation for the drop, which hits so god damn hard.  He just stops on a dime and then turns the heat up to incinerator.  He’s still toting that ridiculously unique sound, blending the best elements of house and electro together immaculately and I don’t think I anyone challenging that sub-genre at the moment.  He is a king in a castle, and we shall rave to his greatness.  HDM nation, the weekend is ohh so close so hop on this track, get cha playlist in check, and lets do the damn thing.


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Benny Benassi ft. Gary Go- Close to Me (R3hab Remix), 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating