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Wolfgang Gartner – Casual Encounters of the 3rd Kind EP [Preview]

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New Electro House

Thus far, 2012 has been a decidedly production heavy year for California native Joseph Youngman, or as we know him, Wolfgang Gartner. Though his work on “We Own the Night” alongside Tiesto, as well as “Redline” and “There and Back”, show the multifaceted approach he takes to his production career, many of his fans and critics point to these breaks from the norm as evidence that Gartner had converged toward a more progressive sound on the lighter side of electronic music. Quite frankly, the discussion regarding whether or not EDM has sold out is, at this point, more than tired. More specifically, when debating whether or not Gartner has dramatically changed his sound to appeal to a more diverse demographic I’d present the analogy of the hardcore 80s metal bands playing rock ballads or acoustic tracks as another form of expression. The thing that bothers me about today’s media surrounding EDM is actually derived from the state of media in America as a whole. People rapidly jump to ridiculous conclusions in an attempt to make news out of something that isn’t really there. Just like picking up a guitar or keying a piano, these guys are creating music as a form of expression and often times, in order to express themselves a release from their comfort zone is required. It doesn’t mean they sold out or changed their sound, they just made a different song to express a different feeling; at least that’s the way I look at it. All of that being said, Gartner does return to his roots on this two song EP, creating two very housey tracks that are saturated in his signature electro flair. One of the things that is so impressive about this guy is his ability to stay true to the music’s roots without compromising his modern electro sound in the process. He truly is one of the most innovative minds in the industry and anyone who’s seen one of his live sets will attest to that in the fullest. His sound resonates so clearly throughout his sets its almost a little ridiculous. He’s got so much Cali swag and hip-hop influence and it all comes together in a pretty cool way, to say the least. Not quite sure of the release date on this yet, but we will certainly keep you posted.

Wolfgang Gartner – Girl on Boy

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