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John Dahlback – Comet [Preview]

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New Progressive House

I’m sure by now almost all of our readers are pretty well acquainted with Swedish EDM veteran, John Dahlback, but for the sake of those who are unfamiliar, he’s one of the most overlooked and vastly underrated superstar caliber producers this industry has to offer. His versatility allows him to produce outside of one specific genre or sub-genre, though his affinity for the more progressive realms of EDM are apparent in most of his latest offerings. Tracks like ‘Start Lovin’ You’ are prime examples of Dahlback’s dexterity in the territory of true house while bangers like ‘Life’ and ‘Rebels’ lend to the more progressive side of the genre. However, most of the Swede’s true influence is largely based off his standing as one of the industry’s greatest remixers. Remixes of Sneaky Sound System’s ‘Big’, Jonathan Johansson’s ‘Stockholm’, Letthemusicplay’s ‘Don’t Weigh Me Down’ and Lilla Sallskapet’s ‘Jag Vill Ut’ are all gems in their own right and impressive renderings of each original, respectively. Today he unveils another original studio project, entitled ‘Comet’, which combines an unfamiliar take on his signature synth work, which may lack his typical big-room sound, with a darker collaboration of low end wobbles and strong drum work. The result is yet another club fueled banger from Stockholm’s own, and yet another win for Sweden. Look for ‘Comet’ to drop on August 13.


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